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General Description
The StraTek STP-100 transport stream player records and plays back the incoming transport stream which derives from an MPEG-2 encoder, DTV receiver, etc. With a 20 GB hard disk, the compact portable system can record up to 129 minutes of DTV video clip in the form of the raw ATSC transport streams, and can be retrieved later on for viewing, enabling the so-called time-shifting. The playback output data are available either at UHF channel 14 or 15. Furthermore, the stored stream data on a PC can be transferred to the hard disk in STP-100 for recording . The system also provides stored materials that can serve DTV demonstration or presentation purposes to the audience in a cost-effective manner.
+ The European DVB and US ATSC digital television system test and presentation
+ Set-top box development

Key Features
+ Portable type for TS record and playback
+ Internal HDD (20 GB) configured to offer three types of programs as categorized by the available recording time
+ PC interface via USB port
+ Easy-to-use front panel and Windows program for the user-friendly graphical interface
+ Internal PLL block for QPSK system
+ Input port: LVDS and TTL
+ Output port: LVDS and TTL
+ Option: VSB modulator

+ Function keys: PLAY, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP, and data rate selection
+ Player functionality
- PLAY: plays back the selected program. (Replay function is also available that plays back the selected programs repeatedly.)
- PAUSE: stops playing the data stream until the PAUSE key is activated again. When the PAUSE key is pushed again, the subsequent data stream is played back, i.e, the key toggles.
- STOP: stops playing the data stream and resets the program counter to the beginning of the stream
- RECORD: starts to capture the selected program TS for recording in a hard disk
+ Internal PLL: data rates of up to 64 Mbps
+ Program storage: the STP-100 has five types of programs available.
- Program 1 can store up to 2 GB of TS, corresponding to 14 minutes of the ATSC TS
- Program 2 can store up to 3 GB of TS, 21 minutes
- Program 3 can store up to 5 GB of TS, 35 minutes
- Program 4 can store up to 10 GB of TS, 70 minutes
- Program 5 can store up to 20 GB of TS, 140 minutes
+ Option: 8VSB modulator
- Output frequency: UHF channels 18 and 19